TC Cribs 50th Episode: We’re Back At Scribd, The San Francisco Startup Where It All Began

Much like Leon Russell and Donny Hathaway, TechCrunch TV’s Cribs series has been so many places in its life and times.

For its 50th episode airing today, we thought we’d bring it back to the place where it all began: Scribd, the San Francisco startup that veteran TechCruncher Jason Kincaid toured in the very first Cribs episode back in January 2011.

Scribd today is still in its same space, though it’s grown quite a bit — this very well might be the last video tour we get of this office before the company expands to another spot. It was fun to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same: There are more desks, more books, and more staff, but still lots of room for toys.

I made a point to not watch Jason Kincaid’s Scribd episode in the days leading up to our tour, so it’s especially fun to see the similarities, expertly edited in here by our producer/editor Yashad Kulkarni. Pro tip for future visitors of Scribd: You’ve got to get a running start on the zipline, and no matter what, you probably will get the short end of the stick when it comes to the best Go-Kart. Try to choose wisely.

This episode of Cribs was shot by John Murillo and Yashad Kulkarni. All editing by Yashad Kulkarni. Production and coordination by Felicia Williams.