TC Cribs: Take A Doc On The Wild Side At Scribd (With Bonus Go Karts!)

It’s funny. When I tell my ‘normal’ friends that I’ve just come from Facebook’s office or need to head down to Google’s campus in Mountain View, they often give me a strange look, as if I’ve just told them I’m about to make a house call to the Easter Bunny. These companies aren’t places inhabited by actual people — they’re nebulous things coursing through the Internet’s series of tubes.

But I can’t blame them. Most of the startup profiles we see in magazines feature a portrait of the founders solemnly gazing into the distance as they plot to change the world with their revolutionary new sharing widget. Sometimes there’s a snapshot of a few desks, each of which is far too neat for anyone to actually have done any work on. There’s got to be a better way.

Which brings us to today’s episode of TC Cribs, featuring Scribd, the popular document sharing platform. This is something of an experiment for now, but there may well be more episodes coming in the future (leave a comment below if you think your office is a good fit!).

And a big credit goes to TC’s John Murillo for editing the video.