Gone Will Sell Your Old Crap For You

In an age when consumerism is almost the only path to survival, it’s pretty easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. And then you get more stuff, and wind up startlingly close to a hoarder’s lifestyle before deciding to sell a bunch of it. At first, the idea feels brilliant, until you start tabulating the time, effort and resources involved in selling off a bunch of old crap. Is it worth it, you ask?

With Gone, it totally is.

The new app lets you snap a picture of items you want to sell and add a description. Gone takes care of the rest. It will either sell the item for you, or donate it to charity if it can’t find a buyer. Gone then sends you a box to pack up your stuff, and returns the next day to pick it up and ship it off to the recipient. Packing up your items in boxes dropped off at your house is literally the extent of the effort you put into this.

Gone will offer a quote for each of the items listed, which you have the option to accept. If you do, Gone sends a check in the mail for that exact amount.

See, Gone does the math on shipping and packing costs (alongside its own cut of the pie) for each individual item depending on what it is. That way, the price you’re quoted is the amount you’ll receive.

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Gone is a TechStars graduate with over $1 million in total funding. The app is available in San Francisco and Austin for now, with plans to expand to more cities soon.

We’ve seen a number of on-demand products sprout up around this idea. MakeSpace, for example, lets you store physical objects through an app and on-demand delivery system.

And eBay just launched its own Gone competitor with the Valet app, which handles the yucky logistics of selling things for you.

To learn more about Gone, you can check out the app here.