The CreoPop Pen Is The Easiest Way To Get Into 3D Art

If you’re looking to get into 3D art, the CreoPop pen is the closest thing you can get to a “beginner’s option.” Unlike 3D printing, which requires creating a model in a CAD-like application and sending it to an expensive printer like those made by Makerbot, CreoPop lets you create 3D objects directly from your imagination.

The CreoPop comes with some trade-offs from those pricier options. It’s like a mix between a hot-glue gun (though it uses UV rays to solidify the polymer, not heat, so it’s totally safe for kids) and a paint brush. You still have to have artistic ability to make something fancy, like a statue of your favorite fictional character. It can’t just print a template you downloaded from the Internet.

CreoPop 3d drawing pen

Starting at $79 on Indiegogo, the CreoPop will be available to backers in early 2015. The device will come with several colors of “ink,” but the company is already working on inks that incorporate polymers that allow for unique characteristics. This includes magnetic ink that can be used to hang an object from your home refrigerator or that change colors at different temperatures.

For a better idea of how the CreoPop works or the interesting objects that can be made with new types of ink (edible art!), watch our interview with Andreas Birnik, co-founder of CreoPop: