Nutmeg Is The Answer To Your Sad, Gif-Free Existence

Because I love you, I’ve interrupted my regularly scheduled Saturday morning programming to bring you this breaking news update: THERE IS A NEW APP IN THE APP STORE THAT MAKES SENDING GIFS IN TEXT MESSAGES SUPER EASY!

It’s called Nutmeg, and it brings an experience similar to Giphy to mobile. When you first open the app, you’re given a set of responses, which include So Excited, Oh Hello, Ugh Fail, Awesome, and HaHaHa. Within each category are a set of gifs that fit those descriptions.

When you click once on a gif, it plays. When you click twice, the app pushes you directly to the messaging app with the gif ready to be sent. Simply add a recipient and shoot it off.

The app is brand new, and thus lacks a ton of selection, but the team is working to expand the offerings as we speak.

The app also features a section at the top that focuses on current events. Right now, for example, the app has a World Cup section.

If you’re itching to get your gif on, check out the app on the App Store here.