The Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta Starts Today

First-person shooter fans, rejoice: EA decided to surprise everyone at E3 today by announcing that the closed beta for Battlefield Hardline is available today for a limited number of gamers on the PC and the PlayStation 4.

The Battlefield Hardline sign-up form is available here, but PS4 owners who own Battlefield 4 can navigate to the game on their consoles and sign up via a new Live Tile.

While the game is sure to include the same big explosions and vehicle-oriented multiplayer that the series is known for, the latest Battlefield title differs from its predecessors by focusing on a different kind of “battlefield.”

Instead of taking place in the same old combat settings, Battlefield Hardline is about the war on crime, with players taking the role of well-armed criminals or the specially trained über cops that are sent in to deal with them.

For those who don’t get into the closed beta, relax. The game will land on all major consoles on October 21.