Indiegogo Pulls In Additional Investment From Max Levchin, Sir Richard Branson And Others

Following a massive $40 million Series B, Indiegogo has just announced it has secured additional investments from Sir Richard Branson, Max Levchin, Megan Smith, and Maynard Webb. Additional investors include Dan Benton, Tim Draper, Dawn Lepore, and Hans Morris.

The funding is in the millions but CEO Slava Rubin says the investment is more about getting these specific investors involved in an advisory role.

“The key here is the people and getting them involved,” he said. “We are looking for the incredible operating experience all of them have and because they’ve created and run massive growth companies.”

Rubin is looking for help on all fronts. For example, he said Branson is a master of marketing and branding, while Smith can use her experience as CEO previously to help Indiegogo scale into a global company.

Indiegogo says it plans on using the additional funding to expand the product globally, and to improve the mobile product, the personalization of the platform, and the overall customer experience.

Previous Indiegogo investments came from IVP, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as well as Insight Ventures Partners, MHS Capital, Metamorphic Ventures and ff Venture Capital. Not including this most recent funding, Indiegogo has raised a total of $56.6 million.

The company claims to have hosted more than 200,000 campaigns and sees more than 12 million visitors to the site every month.