Style-Focused Community And Shopping Service Polyvore Arrives On Android

Polyvore, the style-focused community whose members regularly pin collages of outfits and accessories to Pinterest, has now arrived on Android. The app follows the company’s iOS debut by roughly a year and a half, indicating, perhaps, its largely female user base’s preference for iPhone and iPad when working with their fashion creations.

The company today sees 20 million uniques per month, and says that over 3 million of its members have since downloaded the iOS version of Polyvore. Despite the long delay in between mobile platform releases, the Android app is not quite feature complete with its iPhone counterpart.

We’re told that while, for the most part, the features are the same on Android as on iOS, Polyvore had to prioritize some over others in order to “get the app in the hands of our users faster.” That means the company’s decision to finally address its Android user base was a more recent one, clearly.


The new app does offer the key parts of the Polyvore experience, however, including the ability to discover creations from the community, swipe to browse through sets and products, “like” items that match your interest, build your own sets with an included Editor function, shop the styles you like, plus connect with friends and receive their updates.

And the missing features are minor things – like, for example, you can’t put embellishments or backgrounds in the Editor when creating sets, and the search feature doesn’t let you search for members – that sort of thing.

Though the company recently made the foray into a new vertical with an expansion into home decor late last year, the community has earned its reputation as a fashion community, and that today remains the service’s primary use case among its members, who are 77% female, based on what they’re sharing to Pinterest and elsewhere on the service. But the Android app will also allow members to put together beauty and room ideas, in addition to outfits.

The new app is available here on Google Play.