Smart Keyless Access System KISI Lets You Swipe To Open Your Door

In TechCrunch Disrupt NY’s Hardware Alley this week, smart keyless access system maker KISI was showing off its mobile-connected device, which allows you to control entry to a building with a simple-to-install system that can be managed via your smartphone. Since launching last year, KISI has gone on to acquire a number of customers in the N.Y. and New Jersey area, co-founder Maximilian Schuetz tells us, and they’re nearing the close of a roughly one million dollar seed round from area investors, we hear. 

For background, KISI’s device is compatible with any access control system that’s currently installed, allowing building owners to upgrade their systems with a minimally invasive installation of KISI’s hardware. Once installed, you can ditch the requirement of using keyfobs or cards to enable entry, instead sharing keys with others, like tenants or employees, via email.

Using an online dashboard, building owners can not only enable and disable users’ keys, they can also monitor key use, send out guest keys, handle remote opens, and even limit access to certain doors at certain times.

Key recipients can then use a free iOS or Android app to slide a button and unlock the door.


Schuetz says they’re going after the B2B market these days, and now have customers including New York-based real estate development firm Two Trees and local incubator TechStars NY. They’ve also upgraded a large residential area with Ironstate’s The Shipyard, he says.

The KISI device is $350, and subscription plans beginning at $2 per month per user are available for business owners.

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