Yahoo Screen Arrives On Android

Yahoo Screen, Yahoo’s relatively new mobile app for streaming video, is now available on Android. The app first launched last September to iOS users on iPhone and iPad. The news comes only a couple of days after the company announced the first two shows in its lineup of new, original TV series – “Other Space,” from the creator of the short-lived fan favorite “Freaks and Geeks,” and “Sin City Saints,” a show about a Silicon Valley vet trying to build a pro basketball team out in Vegas.

These series, each with eight episodes, will be available on Yahoo Screen, Roku and Apple TV next year.

The company also this week announced a partnership with Live Nation, which will stream one concert live on Yahoo every day for a year.

These changes, Yahoo hopes, will make its video offerings more competitive with other technology companies like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Google, Microsoft (Xbox) and others, all of which are also delving into original programming and exclusive content deals.

However, for now, the Yahoo Screen Android app includes the same fare as its iOS counterpart – programming from SNL, Comedy Central, The Onion, MLB, Vogue, ABC News and others. The interface also looks the same, with the still somewhat odd choice to feature iconic “logos” for the channels inside of their names (as a normal “TV guide” would) – where some are not that obvious, like a comedy mask or an arrow, for example.

You can navigate the app by swiping up and down to change channels, or move between videos by swiping left and right.

Yahoo has been rolling out updates to other mobile apps in recent days, including an update to Yahoo Mail which also arrived this week, turning the app into something of a kitchen sink of functionality via a new panel with icons for Mail, News and Today at the bottom of the screen, and other personalized, real-time info.

Yahoo Screen for Android is here on Google Play.