The Makings Of A Snapchat Star

The internet has democratized our ability to become celebrities. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube, as were countless others. Instagram has its own set of super photographers, as does Vine, and Twitter is responsible for some of the greatest memes in internet history. But what about Snapchat?

Luckily for my fellow snappers, I may have discovered the best thing to happen to Snapchat since the introduction of video.

His name is Shaun McBride (Shonduras on Snapchat), and I suggest you add him immediately. With a steady fingertip and a sharp eye for awesome, the dude knows how to make Snapchat interesting.

Just take a look at some of this stuff:

[gallery columns="5" ids="990385,990384,990383,990382,990381"]

He’s a true artist, and deserves a solid following. The only problem is that “viral” doesn’t exactly exist on Snapchat. Since everything disappears, it’s difficult to achieve notoriety. No one can share what you’ve done. Only the people you’ve sent it to can see it, and then you’re left relying on word of mouth to get new followers.

However, Snapchat has the opportunity to take on a Twitter-like vibe, where you follow strangers based on their merit as Snappers, and then enjoy their content throughout the day.

That said, here’s hoping Shaun McBride leads the charge.