Recyclebank Turns “Green” Actions Into Discounts At New Shop For Sustainable Goods, One Twine

Recyclebank, a company founded in 2004 which today works with partners to reward consumers for “green” actions like recycling, is now getting into e-commerce. With the launch of a new website called One Twine, Recyclebank is hoping to attract consumers looking to buy environmentally conscious goods and other sustainable items across a variety of categories, ranging from health and beauty to gear and gadgets to children and pets and more.

At launch, the site features over 400 products from nearly 30 brands, all of which are rated through One Twine’s “Impact Lens” – a list of nine criteria that take into account a product’s total environmental impact. This list includes things like whether the item was produced using recycled or renewable materials, if harsh chemicals are used, whether the item’s makers are treated fairly, if the product itself is recyclable, and more.

The website places icons next to each product indicating which of the nine criteria to help consumers shop smarter. Explains Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim, shoppers will also be able to filter the product selection by the criteria that matters most to them. “For example, if you’re searching for shampoos and want to ensure it is has a gentle impact on an animals and the environment, you click on the gentle impact symbol and it will filter appropriately,” he says.

One Twine Image

Flaim sees One Twine as a natural expansion for environmentally focused Recyclebank, which today works to increase recycling rates in over 300 communities across the U.S., where 4.5 million members have recycled 3.8 billion pounds of waste since its launch in 2004. On average, Recyclebank members recycled an additional 157 pounds of material in 2013, compared to the rate prior to launch of Recyclebank in their community, notes the CEO.

“Our mission has always been to inspire people to live more sustainably,” Flaim tells us. “This addition is a great way to extend that mission and provide enhanced value to our members. Our business first focused on recycling, and we have since added other ways for people to easily incorporate sustainability into their daily lives.”

The company had been hearing from its members they wanted help in making smarter shopping decisions, Flaim adds. “Understanding the full lifecycle of the things you buy, use and dispose of is a simple yet impactful way to help the planet,” he says.

One Twine_ Baby Shampoo Full

The new site, roughly six months in development, will also tie into Recyclebank’s rewards program, allowing members to use their earned points to shop, and redeeming them for discounts at checkout.

One Twine will compete with a number of other “green” shops, including Amazon-owned Vine Market (from Quidsi), EcoMarket, green grocery store ePantry, Peapod, and dozens of others.

After launch, the company will listen to user feedback about what products to sell next, and plans to add more to its virtual shelves every week as well as build out an area for local and community brands.

The new site is live here: