Never Let The Internet Spoil Your Favorite TV Show Again

King Joffrey was killed this week on Game of Thrones. Poison. Tyrion seems to have been framed.

I would apologize for telling you that so blatantly, but if you’ve been on the internet in the past few days then you most likely already know all about the Lion and the Rose and the outcome of the Purple wedding. Which brings me to Silencer.

The Chrome extension, which can be downloaded here, lets you choose specific terms to mute in your Twitter and Facebook feeds, so your crappy friends don’t spoil any fun surprises for you. You have to be pretty clear about what you want muted — Wired reports that there is a difference between muting “Game of Thrones” and “#GameOfThrones.”

However, there are some handy “Mute Packs” that let you silence everything from a certain television show. For example, if you used the Arrested Development Mute Pack, everything from the term Bluth to Banana Stand and back would be blocked from your feeds.

Caution: the extension takes a split second to find and remove posts that should be muted, so maybe keep your eyes closed when you first browse to Facebook or Twitter.

Silencer is also customizable in that you don’t have to mute TV show information. If you are late getting around to all the Oscars movies, you can mute stuff about those. If you are sick of hearing about the missing Malaysia Air flight, mute it right out of there.

For the night is dark and full of terrors.