Toshiba’s Imaginary Wearable Computing Gloves Win April Fools’ Day

If there was some over-arching, governing body that handed out awards to April Fools’ Day prankers, I should hope that Toshiba would get one.

The company today announced the Digit, sloughing off what is usually a pretty boring, business-y style to introduce something truly hilarious to the gadget world.

The Digit is a set of wearable computing gloves.

It has a “two-hand gestural user interface,” as well as a 32-megapixel camera, a 4K Ultra HD video camera, and a 4K Virtual Retina display. To use the screen, you literally cover your face with the gloves like the monkey who saw no evil. To use the phone, you hold your hand up to your face like a child pretending to be on the telephone. To listen to music, just stick your thumbs in your ears.

It’s adorable.

It also comes with 64GB of SSD storage (don’t even ask), and 1 TB of cloud storage, so your stuff is always in the palm of your hand. (See? I can joke, too.)

But the best part of the Digit is the social media integration. When you hold hands with another Digit user, it auto-changes your relationship status to be connected to them.

You can check out the video below to see the full use-cases of this imaginary gadget, and be sure to note the mime.


Well played, Toshiba.