Fly Or Die: Secret

With last week’s episode focusing on Whisper, we thought it only fair to take a hard look at its biggest competitor, Secret.

Welcome to another episode of Fly or Die.

Because John unfairly hates anything that isn’t a 3D-printed smartwatch, we are joined again by TC Editor Leena Rao, who, while impressed and intrigued by the app’s growth, doesn’t necessarily think it’s beneficial to our lives on the whole. I tend to agree.

The discussion around Secret thus far has been a hot one. While some are excited by the buzz around the app, which lets you share anonymous secrets on a network based on links in address books, others feel that Secret encourages gossip and lies and some of the worst parts of human behavior.

It has already been behind numerous scandals, both personal and professional, and has Silicon Valley chattering like a bunch of junior high cheerleaders. Meanwhile, investors are weighing the options and ethics behind funding anonymous apps of this kind.

But what do we think?

In the end, despite the hype and the money and the growth, we both give a thumbs-down in the Colosseum of Fly Or Die. If Silicon Valley can’t behave itself on the app, the stakes will be much higher when high school kids get their hands on it.