Capitaine Train Releases Android App To Book Your Train Tickets On The Go

Train ticket booking startup Capitaine Train just released its Android app. If you used the iPhone app at some point, you won’t feel lost as the Android app is very similar in design and features.

As a reminder, Capitaine Train wants to improve the cumbersome process of booking train tickets online and on your phone. The service works for train tickets in Europe. But instead of using a travel agency model, the startup opted for an engineer-driven approach with an emphasis on user experience.

When you open the app, you are presented with the search screen. In four taps, you can select your departing city and where you are going. Everything is done to minimize the number of taps. And if your city doesn’t appear in the pre-populated list, you can always type the name.

Similarly, entering your dates is very straightforward. It is very reminiscent of Sunrise‘s grid view. You can scroll from month to month without having to tap multiple times on the next arrow.

You don’t have to enter your credit card every time, and Capitaine Train will remember your frequent passenger program number and discount cards. And if you often ride a train with the same person, you can keep all the required information for your family and friends as well.

Once you purchased the ticket, you can go back to the app to check your train ticket. When your train is ready to leave at the station, you get a push notification to remind you of your seat number.

Just like on the website, the new Android app focuses on one thing — efficiency. You can buy train tickets from your phone in 30 seconds. It’s painless and straight to the point. Even more importantly, you won’t have to deal with ads for car rental services or hotels. Capitaine Train is all about train, after all.

Capitaine Train - Android