Microsoft’s Power Cover Debuts As Rumors Of The LTE-Powered Surface 2 Landing In Stores Abound

Two quick hits from the Microsoft side of things — the Surface Power Cover is now up for pre-sale, and the rumor engine is kicking around the bit that LTE-capable Surface 2 devices have landed in Microsoft stores.

The Surface 2 LTE has been an unkept secret for some time: It’s hit the FCC; the Surface team announced that it was coming on Reddit; and we’ve known for some time even which providers it is likely to pair with. That it’s supposedly landing at Microsoft stores is therefore not surprising. Microsoft, for now, is mum on the matter.

The Power Cover news is also incremental in that we have known the full story for a while, minus a date. The $199 gadget is now available for purchase, with a ship date of March 19th. Microsoft announced the Power Cover in the same batch of products as the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, new Touch and Type covers, and, of course, the dock. The dock and Power Cover were late to the release party, but both are now available and will ship shortly.

The Power Cover will appeal to folks using their Surfaces for long periods of time and who don’t mind the extra weight and girth. A skinny kid the Power Cover is not, when stacked next to the current Touch Cover.

That’s the latest on the Surface front. Things are quiet, and probably won’t pick up until we get the current quarter’s Surface revenue figure. That and, presumably, a crop of new devices during the next holiday season.