The Surface 2 With AT&T LTE Inches Closer To Release

Last October, Microsoft announced that it would roll out an LTE-enabled Surface 2 for AT&T’s network. Sometime. The announced time frame was early 2014, and, sure enough, the device has just been found in the public FCC database, which means it’s nearing release. This will be the first Surface tablet that ships with built-in cellular connectivity.

When a device hits the FCC database, it often means that it has passed the commission’s battery of testing to make sure it’s safe for consumers. Among other things, the FCC tests devices that transmit wirelessly. Some of these documents are released while others, often the docs that contain specific information, are held under confidentiality agreements for several weeks until the device is officially released or announced.

Around the announcement of the LTE Surface 2, there was talk of a so-called Surface Mini with a 7- to 8-inch screen hitting the market in early 2014, as well. Info on this model is still MIA. Chances are, with a device of that significance, Microsoft isn’t going to let it hit the FCC database and ruin the surprise.