Canary Smart Home Security System Nabs $10 Million Series A From Khosla Ventures

Canary, the folks responsible for a cute little $200 in-home security system, have today announced that they’ve secured a $10m Series A led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from Bobby Yazdani as well as a number of initial seed investors, and Two Sigma Ventures.

Previously, Canary had raised a $1.2 million seed round from Two Sigma and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, as well as $2 million from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

As part of the funding, Ben Ling will be joining the Canary board.

Canary looks to bridge the gap between absolutely no home security and a complicated system that costs thousands. By putting a number of sensors (air quality, smoke detector, motion sensors, etc) inside a little capsule with an HD camera, users can monitor their home from a remote location through a simple app.

Canary is smart enough to learn the difference between a pet, or a nanny that shows up at the same time every day, and an intruder, and will alert the home owner as soon as something fishy is detected. You can loop up to four Canary systems together to monitor every nook and cranny of the house, but in most cases just one unit is needed.

The theory is that, anyone who breaks into your home will probably walk through the main room, whether they break in in the basement or the bedroom window. Burglars and bad guys rarely break into one room, remain in that room, and leave. That said, Canary should pick up an intruder even if it isn’t monitoring every door and window in the home.

According to the blog post, this latest round of funding will allow Canary to move fast the first product and grow the company into something more full featured. The plan is to hire more people and accelerate production.

Here’s an excerpt from the official announcement:

It’s our belief that by re-imagining the way people connect to their homes and protect the people and things that matter most, we can make communities safer and smarter. The financing we received will help us reach our goal of democratizing home security, and we’ve already started putting it to use. Our team has more than doubled in the past six months, and we have plenty of positions open for smart people who share our passion.