Incident Inks Deal With Sony/ATV, EMI To Bring 2 Million Songs To The gTar

Learning to play the gTar, by Disrupt darling Incident, is about as easy as learning to ride a bike. A series of light-up LEDs, paired with an app on your smartphone, show the gTar player exactly when and where to strum to create beautiful music.

The only downside? There aren’t very many songs to choose from that are compatible with the gTar. Until today.

Incident has signed licensing deals with Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing to get the rights to over 2 million titles. For what it’s worth, Sony/ATV and EMI together comprise around 31 percent of all music, so it’s a solid chunk of artists and titles that are becoming available to gTar users.

Some worthwhile artists now available include John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and David Bowie.

The current format of the gTar song store will remain the same, with a few free songs to get you started and other bundled content for the learning stage. The songs involved in this licensing deal, which took more than 18 months to hammer out, will be available for 99 cent in-app purchases.

The music rights acquired in the deal are global, which is good news to the gTar owners in over 42 countries across the world.

The music catalog is a huge investment for Incident, but one that makes sense given the timeline. The company has never been shy about the fact that the gTar is just the first of many electronic instruments in the pipeline. Eventually, the gTar Song store will become a platform for all the various Incident products coming out in the future.

The gTar song store is available as a free update.