Wearables Attack! Huawei Announces A Fitness Band That’s Also A Bluetooth Headset

Your fitness band got into my bluetooth headset! No, your bluetooth headset got into my fitness band! Stop! You’re both right!

In what I suspect will be a minor blip in the interstitial wearable world, China’s Huawei has announced a Bluetooth sports band complete with pedometer and calorie counter called the TalkBand B1. Why is it called the TalkBand? You can remove the 1.4-inch flexible OLED-fronted lozenge of electronics on the top and stick it into your ear, making it a Bluetooth headset.

The B1 works like any standard fitness band and pairs via NFC. However, because it can also act as a headset you could feasibly go for a run and take a call simultaneously, a boon to cardio-aware machers on the go. I doubt we’ll ever see this thing stateside so you’ll simply have to savor the strange idea of something you sweat all over going directly into your earhole.

via Engadget