TheFamily Launches Koudetat+, A Saturday School For Aspiring Entrepreneurs In Paris

Paris-based startup accelerator and fellowship TheFamily recently unveiled a side-project called Koudetat+. From March to July, anyone can pay and attend a day-long class targeted specifically towards aspiring entrepreneurs.

As TheFamily’s baseline suggests, it “nurtures entrepreneurs with education, unfair advantages & capital.” According to the team, entrepreneurs are made, not born — and that’s why creating this special program makes sense for those who are not quite ready to make the jump to the startup world.

Every saturday from 10am to 6pm, participants will attend very practical classes about fundraising, legal, business models, design and more. There will be pitching sessions, cases and more general classes as well to teach attendants the right mindset to become an entrepreneur.

For $680 or $820 a month (€500 and €600, respectively, depending if you pay upfront or monthly), you can attend the classes in person. For $270 a month (€200), you get access to the live stream.

TheFamily itself is a sort of accelerator that selects and takes a one percent stake in its startups in exchange for access to events, classes, contacts, mentors and more. Startups like Mindie, Bunkr and Algolia come from TheFamily.

In other words, it tries to provide a stimulating environment so that entrepreneurs can make the right decisions for their startup. With Koudetat+ you can get a taste of this environment.