Fly Or Die: 3D Systems Sense Scanner

If you followed along with this year’s CES coverage, you know that one trend that emerged over the past couple years is here to stay. If you haven’t made your peace with the 3D printing revolution, you should.

One company that’s taking the 3D-printed bull by the horns is 3D Systems, an incumbent in the space. The company revealed the Sense, a hand-held 3D scanner in November that is meant to compete with Makerbot’s Digitizer and Occipital’s Mobile Structure Sensor.

The Sense, which is about as big as a staple gun, can scan objects with your help. Unlike other scanners, the Sense is meant to be held and circle the object its scanning. This means that it can be difficult to get a perfectly accurate reading, since human error becomes more of a factor.

However, the price point ($399) is pretty amazing for what it does, and when used properly, it’s incredibly accurate.

John’s impressed. I’m impressed. What do you guys think?