This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: The Google Play Edition Moto G Arrives While Our Host Departs

We’re freshly back from CES, so visions of new Android-powered devices swirl in our heads. While in Vegas we subjected the new Z1S to the rigorous water salad test, so we talk about that, the new HP Android “voice tablets,” and the logic and value of Google’s Play Edition device program to solve the mystery of the Play Edition Moto G.

There’s also some bittersweet news, as Droidcast host supreme Chris Velazco formally announces his departure – he’s moving on from TechCrunch to Engadget, where he’ll probably be even more engaged with all things Android and mobile. He’ll be back for frequent visits, so Droidcast listeners needn’t worry, but expect a lot more self-indulgent monologuing from yours truly, along with a more varied lineup of guests.

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