Owlet Infant Health Tracker Takes The Wearable Revolution Into The Crib

No one is more concerned with health than the mother of an infant, and with the rising availability of wrist-worn fitness tracking devices, it only makes sense that a baby-sized health tracker would pop up.

Meet Owlet, one of our hardware battlefield companies.

Owlet is an ankle-worn health tracking device for your baby, with an accompanying app that gives you a readout on your little bundle of joy’s health at any time.

Owlet tracks heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature and even provides rollover alerts during sleep.

It all works with a system called Pulse oximetry, which has been used in hospitals and in pediatrics for years. By using red and infrared lights, the “smart sock” as they call it, can measure heart rate and oxygen levels without being invasive.

The smart sock then transmits the information its recording to a smartphone app via Bluetooth 4.0. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can plug in the smart sock via USB to see metrics on your computer, or connect the smart sock to your home Wifi network to see readouts on any connected device.

The sock is hypoallergenic, wireless, and all the electronic components are housed in a resistant silicone case to make sure no one gets electrocuted.

Battery on the Owlet smart sock lasts up to two full days, with notifications letting you know when it’s running low on jive juice.

The company claims that the Owlet helps in more ways than just tracking your baby’s health, as it offers peace of mind for an often times stressed and restless mother.

Owlet is in the process of crowdfunding to bring the device to market, with a retail price of $250. If you’re interested in reserving a unit for yourself, head over to the Owlet website.