Twitter Will Issue First Quarterly Report As Public Company On Feb 5th, Take Questions Via Twitter

Today, Twitter announced that it will report its fourth quarter fiscal year 2013 results on February 5th, 2014. This is the first report to be issued since the company went public last year.

In an interesting move, questions will be able to be submitted via Twitter directly.

“Questions submitted via Twitter, directed to @TwitterIR, using the hashtag #TWTRearnings will be considered during the Q&A portion of the conference call in addition to questions submitted by conference call participants,” said Twitter in a release today.

There will be a live webcast of the conference call, as roughly per usual with internet companies today. Twitter also notes that its investor website, as well as accounts including @twitter, @twitterIR and CEO Dick Costolo’s account to distribute investor news.

Points that we’ll be watching for in the report include any user growth metrics that might flesh out how Twitter is doing with its onboarding efforts. Its acquisition of MoPub and recent addition of native advertising and outside-network contextual products will also be evaluated based on the numbers it reports.

Twitter recently appointed Marjorie Scardino, the ex-CEO of Pearson, as its first female board member. This ended a period of intense attention as to why Twitter’s board had no female presence whatsoever. Twitter offered its IPO late last year at a price of $26 and it quickly ballooned to $44 at open. The stock took a hit at the end of December but has since recovered, currently hovering around $63 — though it did trend downwards slightly in trading today.

Image Credit: Steve Snodgrass