Turn Your Smartphone Into A Caroling Karaoke Machine With This Google Easter Egg

Using any mobile browser, type “let’s go caroling” into Google. And just like that, your phone will turn into a Christmas Carol karaoke machine with the words and music of five classic holiday songs. It’s the perfect way to annoy your cubemates during this wonderfully obnoxious holiday season.

This little Easter egg is browser agnostic. It works in every browser we tried. Because, really, Christmas carols should not be tied to one product. They should be enjoyed by all.


Google has long included hidden surprises within their products. Type “do a barrel roll” into mobile or desktop Chrome for some Star Fox fun. Type “google in 1998” to reskin the search engine to how it looked when it first launched. There are countless more, but this caroling karaoke machine is by the most festive yet.