Google’s “Do A Barrel Roll” Easter Egg Now Spinning Jelly Bean Screens

In case you missed it the first time around, go to Google and search for “Do a barrel roll.” Clever, right? It’s a fun play on the classic Star Fox saying. But with the power of Google Now, Android users can perform a barrel roll by simply speaking to their phone. Try getting Siri to do that.

Google Now is part Siri killer and part automated personal assistant. Google announced the Jelly Bean feature last week at I/O. The barrel roll trick uses the feature’s voice prompt, however Google Now is mostly centered around rather clever serendipitous updates. Google Now loads weather information in the morning, traffic reports when you leave for work, and sports scores for favorite teams. That said, it features a voice input mode very similar to Siri to assist with pulling the info — and performing barrel rolls

[via Droid Life]