Couple App Now Lets You Stalk Your Partner On Mobile And Desktop

Fans of monogamy should get excited.

Couple, the social network for two, has just launched a relatively major update that integrates location data in a totally new way, making sure you can always keep tabs on your partner.

And if tracking your sweetie via mobile just isn’t enough control, Couple is also launching a web app for the very first time, enabling users to check out their moments and chat on the desktop.

In terms of location, Couple has added a Live Beacon feature. This allows you to broadcast your location to your partner (push only), which automatically deactivates after 30 minutes. Founder Oleg Kostour explained that he wanted it to be easy for couples to find each other, but he didn’t want an always-on location function to scare away younger, less committed couples from using the app.

After updating, current users should notice that the location action is now centered on the first page, prioritizing it over some other actions like thumbkiss and live sketch.

Meanwhile, Couple has added in foursquare integration which lets users explore restaurants and other places nearby which they can suggest to their partner. Eventually, Kostour promised that partners will be able to create and share lists for their suggested places to go to be saved in a history for later reference.

He also explained why the company is moving into the desktop space after spending almost two years as a mobile only company.

“No matter how important mobile is, we can’t forget that most people are spending eight hours a day at work, in front of a computer,” said Kostour. And the logic makes sense.

That said, Couple now offers a lighter version of the app for the web, which includes chat and a way to browse through your moments. According to the company, it’s a first step toward a full-featured, native desktop app.

Couple launched out of Y-Combinator in 2012 as Pair, and renamed to Couple at the beginning of this year. Users have sent over 1 billion messages through the app.