Truly Edible Instagrams

Studies have shown that constantly viewing certain types of food, on your Instagram feed for instance, can make you feel tired of those foods.

But what if your Instagram pictures were actually printed on food?

A company out of the UK is looking to answer that question by letting you print out Instagram pictures on marshmallows.

True story.

For a mere $2 per marshmallow, Via a web app, Boomf lets you choose the most edible Instagrams in your feed. Later, the company delivers a box of these art-flavored marshmallows right to your doorstep.

You can get a box of 9 for £12, which comes out to around $19.

Of course, the image quality isn’t going to be perfect, but how many pictures can you eat? You win some and you lose some, right?

And bonus points for the first person to Instagram a picture of a marshmallow and print it on a Boomf marshmallow. Unless it unmakes existence as we know it.