Fly Or Die: Tylt Energi Backpack

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and we’re all scrambling to find each other the best possible gifts.

Well, if you’re close with someone who carries the world on their shoulders and always seems to be low on battery, the Tylt Energi backpack may be a good option.

The Tylt Energi backpack is unusual in that it comes with a 10,000 mAh portable battery and an accompanying sleeve. This battery has two 1Amp USB ports to charge your iPod or smartphone, and a 2.1Amp USB port for charging a tablet.

But it goes even further than that, as the backpack has a built-in wiring system to feed the cables through the bag to the devices and stay organized.

It’s pretty clever.

The bag itself is slightly bulky for my tastes, but it comes with plenty of its own technology built right in, including an NFC tag on the shoulder. It’s even fly-through friendly.

Of course, for all that awesome, it’s not so cheap. The Tylt Energi backpack will cost you $199.99.

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