Mintigo Raises $10M More To Improve Sales And Marketing With Social Data

Marketing intelligence company Mintigo is announcing that it has raised $10 million in Series C funding.

In an email, co-founder and CEO Jacob Shama compared the company to an “air traffic controller” that points marketers and salespeople to the leads most likely to respond in a given campaign. It also determines the message that’s likely to draw a positive response from each recipient.

For example, he said the service could tell a marketer, “Here are 1,205 prospects who are likely to respond to your webinar about X. But here are 810 prospects who are more likely to click your infographic.” To do that, the company says it pulls data from the web and from social network profiles, with an InterestBase that supposedly matches 1 million profiles each week for its customers.

“Anyone can score a lead,” Shama told me when I asked how Mintigo differs from other lead-scoring services. “What we do is find opportunities to engage good leads. To do that, you have to find patterns in data from many sources, social and otherwise. If you do that, you can show a marketer how many viable prospects are out there, and you can map them into actionable segments.”

He also pitches Mintigo as a way to bring useful data into customer relationship management software and marketing automation software — it has launched integrations Marketo and Salesforce, and it also offers an API.

Mintigo last raised a $9 million Series B led by Sequoia. The new funding was led by Adams Street Partners (David Welsh, a partner at Adams Street, is joining the Mintigo board), with participation from Sequoia and Giza Venture Capital.

The company currently has more than 100 customers, Shama said, including Edmunds, BMC, Cloudera, and DocuSign.