Sequoia Leads $9M Round In Data-Driven Customer Acquisition Startup Mintigo

Mintigo, a company that provides big-data analysis for customer acquisition, has $9 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital, Giza Venture Capital and other private investors.

Mintigo helps companies sift through data sets to find leads and potential customers. The startup’s Mintigo, customer targeting and acquisition solution is a custom engine that analyzes a company’s unique customer acquisition goals and then crawls the web, looking for prospects with high potential and receptiveness to the product offered.

Mintigo’s software analyzes a company’s existing customer base to find its distinct ‘Customer Code’ which the company compares to the DNA of a company. The startup can identify this profile and search the web to find other companies and customers that match it. The service crawls company websites, directories, boards, and social media networks including Facebook and LinkedIn to find the most qualified sales leads in a sea of unstructured Web data.

Mintigo is already working with businesses in the technology, mobile and insurance industries to improve their sales conversion rate. In one recent case study Mintigo was able to identify the correct contact (email and phone) in 90% of leads, 87% were new leads that were unavailable from other sources, and the leads produced a four times to eight times higher response and conversion rates in a direct email campaign.