iTunes Radio Product Manager Gareth Paul Jones Joins Twitter To Work On Ad Partnerships

Apple product manager Gareth Paul Jones is leaving the company to join Twitter, he announced in a tweet.

According to Jones’ LinkedIn profile, he was a product manager on iTunes Radio (which recently launched as part of iOS 7), and he’s also worked as a product manager at TRUSTe and as an engineer at Google. We wrote about Jones when he launched a site called TechCompanyPay after leaving Google. (The site’s still up.)

TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden asked Jones what he’ll be doing at Twitter, and he responded, “I’ll be working on Platform Partnerships – specifically advertising focused.” And speaking of Twitter ads, more details have just come out in a paywalled Financial Times article around how Twitter might take advantage of its user data to target ads outside of Twitter itself, thanks to its acquisition of MoPub.

(By the way, I’d normally try to find a less silly photo for a story like this, but hey, I wish I could pull off a moustache like that, and if it’s good enough for his LinkedIn profile …)