Former Googler Builds Site That Shows You What Top Tech Companies Pay

Last night at an informal gathering of tech people, someone likened Silicon Valley to a “Las Vegas for people who want to make crazy shit” equating VCs and angel investors to gamblers of sorts.

Well if investors are gamblers, and startups are hands of cards, what does that make engineers? I don’t know (in the Vegas analogy I’m Hunter S. Thompson), but it sure seems like they get paid a lot.

Attempting to match up actual numbers to that “a lot,” Google Customer Solutions Engineer Gareth Jones has set up a site called TechCompanyPay, which allows you to comprehensively search for what $$ various postions will pay at tech heavy hitters, replete with LinkedIn links for said positions so you can put faces to an amount.

According to TechCompanyPay, the top five tech companies, in terms of moolah doled out, are Twitter: paying $120K on average, Apple: paying $113K on average, LinkedIn: paying $112K on average, Facebook: paying $110K on average and lastly (which surprised me) Google, at 104K.

In a disclaimer Jones says that the data on the site is “very accurate” — probably using H1B records — but like most issues of salary should probably be evaluated on a case by case basis. And incase anyone was curious, a Customer Solutions Engineer at Google makes $86K.

Image: Refracted Moments™

Update: Jones actually left Google about a month ago he says. So “former Googler,” I guess.