Twilio’s Voice And Text APIs Now Reach 350M People, 4M Calls Each Day

Twilio, the Skype and telco competitor that lets developers incorporate voice and text services into apps and websites by way of a few lines of code, is taking its cloud-based communications platform ever higher into the sky. Speaking at the company’s TwilioCon developer conference, CEO Jeff Lawson announced that apps from Twilio developers have now made over 1.5 billion API calls to date, compared to 500 million this time last year.

Those calls are coming in at a rate now of 4 million per day, more than double the 1.5 million/day figure a year ago, and more than 13 times the number two years ago, 300,000.

He also noted that those apps reach some 350 million people globally, equivalent to 20% of households worldwide.

Lawson also provided some stats on how Twilio Client, the company’s VoIP service, is progressing: it is now at 340 million endpoints, compared to 104 million in 2012, with 270 minutes recorded in calls so far in 2013.

Every 45 seconds, Twilio sends enough characters through SMS to fill an edition of the New York Times, he noted.

The news comes some three months after Twilio raised a $70 million round and potentially inches closer to an IPO.

More to come.