Old-School Printing Company All-State Legal Acquires Vizibility To Get Into Mobile Business Cards

Vizibility, the mobile business card platform, today announced that it has been acquired by All-State Legal. Now All-State Legal isn’t exactly the kind of company we usually write about here. The engraving and printing company was founded in 1946 and its digital services don’t go beyond offering an online store. Clearly, though, even All-State legal has seen that traditional business cards won’t last forever and given that it probably has very little expertise in mobile, the company decided to acquire Vizibility.

“As the nation’s premier engraver and printer for professional services firms, we see business cards as the first form of mobile marketing,” said Joe Fuzak, President of All-State Legal in a statement today. “But with sales of smartphones outselling PCs by 2-to-1, it is time to marry print and pixels.”

Vizibility launched in 2009 and had raised $2.58 million, though earlier this year, it tried to do a $500,000 convertible note round and only managed to sell $242,500 of it. Chances are then, that things weren’t going so well for Vizibility and that it was actively looking to be acquired. All of its previous investors participated in the debt round. Update: after we published this story, a Vizibility spokesperson told us that All-State Legal Vizibility’s largest reseller. “When presented with the opportunity to participate in the debt round as a strategic investor, they moved quickly to buy.”

All-State Legal will continue to offer Vizibility’s services and will now allow its customers to print Vizibility’s QR codes on their business cards, for example. All-State Legal users will also “receive a unique URL to embed in email signatures, text messages and other online sites that will bring up their digital business cards on any device.” The URL, of course, will lead to Vizibility’s mobile business cards online.

The service will be available for free for All-State Legal business card customers. Users who also want access to Vizibility’s NFC-enabled cards and other advanced features have to pay an extra $79.