Tumblr-Endorsed Analytics Platform Union Metrics Now Free For Individuals, Affordable For Pros

Union Metrics, providers of the first Tumblr-endorsed analytics platform for the now Yahoo-owned blog network, is upgrading its feature set today and introducing lower-cost and free tiers to its service. The changes are an effort to make Tumblr analytics more affordable to pro bloggers, small businesses and individuals. The lower-cost tier will allow users to track up to three Tumblr blogs for $25 per month, while the free tier allows users to track just one blog.

Tumblr itself promoted the launch of Union Metrics back in November 2012 when it first debuted its three costly, professional-grade plans starting at $499 and up for larger businesses and brands. However, at the time, Union Metrics said it would offer plans for anyone interested in tracking their personal blogs at some point in the future.

The company’s relationship with Tumblr allows it access to the full “firehose” of Tumblr data, including blogs, reblogs and likes, as well as the ability to track blogs besides those you operate yourself, or any topic (keyword tracking). This data can then be visualized in interactive charts and graphs, and exported for use elsewhere.


Although Tumblr’s reputation is that of catering to the young, hip and sometimes fringe element looking for privacy in an attempt to rebel against the era of the overshare, a site with over 122 million blogs and over 55 billion posts is bound to attract the attention of marketers, brands, larger publishers, and advertisers. And so Tumblr has. And so Union Metrics has, too. To date, Union Metrics has signed up customers like Funny Or Die, Puma, Yale University, House of Radon, Digg, We Are Social, Rhode Island School of Design, and Hyatt. The company declined to provide customer numbers, but had 150 in November when it first debuted.

These and other subscribers to the Union Metrics analytics service will now be able to access a top-requested feature, the ability the track a blog’s followers, as well as integrate the Union Metrics service with Google Analytics.

As noted above, the low-cost tier allows for tracking three blogs, but for those individuals who can’t justify the expense, Union Metrics is also launching a free plan today, which it had previously teased via a waitlist for private beta access. For one blog only, users can track post and notes counts over time, followers, performance of individual posts, plus identify influencers, how well blog tags and post types do, and visualize the spread of reblogs.

Since its launch, Union Metrics has processed over 40 billion Tumblr blog posts, reblogs and likes. There are a few other Tumblr analytics providers out there, but they are more basic tools like Numblr or TumblrStats.com, or those like Statcounter which aren’t custom-designed for Tumblr. Union Metics is the only service that’s also a Tumblr partner.

The new tiers will be available on the Union Metrics for Tumblr website here.