Independence Day Was The Most Superlative Of All Days For Instagram And Vine

The Fourth of July was another record-shattering day for Instagram and Vine, as users shared millions of hours of video.

As Americans fired up their barbeques and enjoyed the holiday, millions were faced with a decision not dissimilar to Patrick Henry’s choice between liberty and death: six seconds or fifteen seconds?

Some chose to share videos of fireworks in red, white, and sepia, while others opted for looping videos.

And, naturally, everyone had to be kept up to date on these impressive vanity metrics. Vine announced that it set a world record for number of re-vines on the feature’s second day! Instagram fired back by proclaiming that the Fourth marked an all-time high for (the two-week old) Instagram video.

Given recent evidence from Thanksgiving and the NBA Finals, it seems as though people like to share photos and videos of fun, cool events they’re enjoying. Who knew?

These sharing stats fit with overall trends in the industry. Indeed, given the spread of mobile devices and skyrocketing photo and video sharing, someone could have practically written this story beforehand.