Revealers, A New Social-Meets-Gaming App, Launches Today

A new social game called Revealers is launching today, and it’s betting on the feature of letting players add content to the game to make it more than a flash in the pan hit.

Israeli founder Muly Litvak has an extensive background in entertainment, so we’ll see how his experience translates into gaming.

Here’s how it works: players select to play against their Facebook friends or against a random opponent and are shown a photo fully obscured by a grid of squares. Both players are given four hints to help figure out what the picture is. As the picture uncovers square by square, the challenge is to identify the photo before your opponent.

Users can then add their own photos and hints to change the game up. Eventually there will be private categories between friends, but for now games are scanned for relevancy in the world or country.

Winners earn “brain cells” and advance to higher “brain levels” accordingly. You can only play against another user if they have challenged you back.

It’s a pretty simple game, so we’ll see if that — and the vanity aspect of getting to upload your own photos — will be enough to make it as addictive as Litvak is hoping.