Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss Tell Us Why They’re So Bullish On Bitcoin [TCTV]

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss first emerged as household names in the tech world because of their contentious relationship with that major social networking company and its famous founder. But these days, their focus has shifted onto a new area of the tech industry that’s very different (though no less controversial): Bitcoin.

Through their Winklevoss Capital early-stage investment firm, the brothers have bought up roughly $11 million worth of Bitcoins, accounting for some one percent of the nascent currency. They have also started leading investments in companies dealing in Bitcoin technology such as BitInstant, and are familiar faces on the general Bitcoin scene with speaking engagements at events such as the Bitcoin Foundation’s annual conference.

The Winklevosses split most of their time between New York City and Los Angeles, but since they were in the San Francisco Bay Area this week we asked them to swing by TechCrunch TV to talk a bit more in depth about their keen interest in Bitcoin and their various investments in the space. We also talked more broadly about the structure of Winklevoss Capital, how it’s different from standard VC firms, what they bring to the table as investors, how their notoriety affects the way they do business day-to-day, and more.

In person, Cameron and Tyler’s demeanor is casual and friendly, but they are clearly quite serious about their roles as investors — and they are both very knowledgable and passionate about the potential of Bitcoin in particular. It will be interesting to see how their position and reputation in the tech industry evolves going forward, as they continue to make moves outside of the social networking space.

Check it all out in the video embedded above.