Google Launches New AdSense Scorecard To Help Publishers Better Understand Their Sites’ Performance

Google launched a new scorecard in AdSense today that allows site owners to see how their properties are performing relative to other AdSense publishers. The scorecard is organized into three categories: revenue optimization, site health and Google+ (because everything Google does needs to have a bit of Google+ built-in). For each of these, Google assigns a rating between one and five and suggests improvements for increasing traffic and revenue.

As Google notes, the company won’t take any action and punish a site that has a low score in any of these three areas. “This is an informational tool only to give you greater insights into how your site is performing,” AdSense product manager Nick Radicevic notes in today’s announcement.

Publisher_ScorecardStill, AdSense users will likely want to look into Google’s recommendations, given that the company probably has a pretty good idea what kind of changes could help a site improve its traffic and revenue.

AdSense, Google says, will calculate these scores daily, but it may take a few days before the score reflects any changes you make on your site.

At its heart, Google still remains an advertising company, and while tools like this are obviously meant to help site owners make more money through AdSense, they won’t exactly hurt Google’s bottom line, either.

AdSense, it’s worth noting, turned 10 earlier this week and Google says about 2 million publishers currently use the service. Last year, the company says, it paid out over $7 billion to publishers that use AdSense on their sites.