Enterprise SEO Platform GinzaMetrics Launches Major Update, Names LaunchRock Co-Founder Sean McCullough As CTO

GinzaMetrics, the Y Combinator graduate and 500 Startups-funded SEO management and content marketing platform, today announced a major update and redesign of its service. With this update, the company is introducing this new design to highlight features like its competitor comparisons, recommendations and a white label solution for its dashboard.

The company, which launched in 2010, also announced that it has named Sean McCullough as its new CTO. McCullough was the technical co-founder and CTO of LaunchRock, the popular service for setting up “launching soon” sites and a co-founder of Ping.fm, which Seesmic acquired in 2010. Previous to joining GinzaMetrics, McCullough was also the CTO of Sodisco. As GinzaMetrics’ COO Erin O’Brien told me, the team believes McCullough is the right fit: “He is a hard-core engineer and entrepreneur with a penchant for death metal and good drinks,” she said. GinzaMetrics’ staff has doubled in size over the last few months and now includes team members in six countries.

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As O’Brien also noted, the “feature and design updates come from a growing organic request for SEO and content marketing to get it together and become one, including social media and user-generated content.” Keeping SEO, social media and content marketing analytics and practices apart, she argues, “has been a frustration” for many of its clients.

The update now also makes GinzaMetrics’ competitor comparisons more accessible for users with the help of high-level graph versions of their data and the ability to drill down to more detailed information. The product’s new page-indexing feature, which it also introduced with this update, now allows it to provide daily updates of its recommendations that its users can then act upon to improve their SEO.

According to GinzaMetrics CEO Ray Grieselhuber, this update is meant to position GinzaMetrics into the right spot to respond to the rising spend on social and content marketing. “When you build your platform for today’s technology, meaning a unified search, social and content view, you can rapidly respond to what customers are really looking for,” Grieselhuber said in a statement today.

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