Adobe Acqui-hires Creative Consultancy Ideacodes, Names Co-Founders As Creative Directors Of Creative Cloud

Adobe just announced that it has acqui-hired Ideacodes, a San Francisco-based creative consultancy that specializes in “the design and user experience of smart application, digital product and networked communities.” Ideacodes’ co-founders Emily Chang and Max Kielser will join Adobe as creative directors of Creative Cloud. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Ideacodes worked on products like the gdgt user interface (now part of the AOL family just like TechCrunch), SOMA Magazine‘s new website (home to an interesting portrait of our own Alexia Tsotsis) and numerous other online properties.

ideacodes“For the last nine years we’ve worked to re-envision the design of digital products and create the ultimate user experience for their customers,” said Emily Chang and Max Kiesler, co-founders of Ideacodes. “We’re thrilled to join Adobe at a time when Creative Cloud is beginning to take form, the potential to harness the power of connected networks is being realized, and the influence of good design on experience is being appreciated and expected from people worldwide.”

According to Adobe’s Jeff Veen, “The Ideacodes team will help us realize our goal of making Creative Cloud indispensable for creatives worldwide.”

Today’s announcement comes just days after Adobe also acquired mobile developer Thumb Labs. That acquisition, too, was mostly an acqui-hire, as Adobe also noted in its announcement today.