Android 4.3 Release Spotted Briefly In Google Search Results

Google seems determined to leak all the exciting Google I/O news ahead of the official event. We’ve already seen the new Google Maps go live briefly before being pulled down, are hearing reports of a new music streaming service, and now there’s been confirmation that the next version of Android appears to be Android 4.3.

As with the Google Maps leak, this too was spotted only momentarily before being pulled, but not before being snapped by the folks over at The Verge, who provided the first screenshot below. A reference to “Android 4.3” appeared in Google’s search results, while they were poking through Google’s developer site,

google-android 43

Google has since pulled down the cached page (it now 404s).

Bing has also spotted the reference:


Other than confirming its existence, there’s not much more detail to this particular leak regarding what the updated operating system will provide in terms of features. However, as the Verge post notes, the update is generally expected to bring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which could help with battery life conversation on smart watches and other connected devices, as well as the OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0 graphics specification.