David Tisch Is Bored With His Smartphone’s Apps

David Tisch has made quite the name for himself as an investor based in NYC. Most notably, Tisch spent years at TechStars as the Managing Director, and has since left to co-found another investment fund called BoxGroup.

We sat the man down backstage at Disrupt today to chat out his thoughts on the NY tech scene, trends he’s excited about and his transition to BoxGroup.

“If you ask anyone whether they’re bored with what’s on their phone, it will always be a unanimous yes,” said Tisch. For him, he sees streams like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the best forms of entertainment for the average Joe taking a glance at his phone. But there’s room for more, according to Tisch.

In terms of BoxGroup, Tisch seems to enjoy finally being accelerator-agnostic and doesn’t mind companies that never go through an accelerator at all. But how do you get Tisch’s attention?

“Be yourself,” he said. “If you’re trying too hard, but it comes off genuine, that’s okay. If you’re passive and antisocial and awkward, that’s fine. Just be yourself.”

In his perspective, there’s no model to follow because entrepreneurship is about creating your own story. If you try to copy someone else’s story, it won’t ever work out.

If you’re interested in David’s feelings towards the NY tech scene, the engineering talent pool, and the future of entertainment on mobile, be sure to watch the full interview above.