H.Bloom Online Flower Delivery Service Launches An iPhone App For Every Flavor Of Gift Giving

H.Bloom, the same service that makes you look like a superhero by delivering floral arrangements to your work which you can then deliver to your lady friend like a boss, is today launching an iPhone app.

The app ties in with H.Bloom’s existing online service, but gives users an easy native way to place gift orders on the go. Along with H.Bloom’s standard floral arrangements, users will also be able to choose from chocolates, cupcakes, candles, and macaroons.

H.Bloom will only be personally responsible for the flowers, as the company has partnered with other vendors like Sprinkles Cupcakes, Astro Doughnuts, and Niven Morgan to provide the other wares.

Here’s what Emily Dubner, director of consumer at H.Bloom, had to say:

Gifting has become stressful and time-consuming in recent years with an overabundance of options available. Our new app solves this problem by providing a one-stop shop where people can find high-quality, thoughtful gifts very quickly. We feel confident that the app will see great traction in each of our local markets.

H.Bloom has made a name for itself alongside big-name companies like 1-800-Flowers by getting creative not just with the arrangements themselves, but with the notion of sending flowers as gifts. While most services ask you to choose an arrangement, delivery date, and address, H.Bloom gives the user a few different options.

You can get the hero package, which I mentioned above, letting you deliver fresh flowers yourself.

Users can also choose to plan ahead by ordering the Superhero package, which includes three separate arrangements delivered to your office on the days of your choosing. That way, you can bang ’em out three days in a row and be the gift that keeps on giving, or split them up among major relationship holidays to always be prepared.

The app has a clean interface with easy navigation through the world of gift-giving. To develop the app, H.Bloom tapped Two Toasters development firm likely with some of the cash from its recent $10 million funding round.

If you’re interested in downloading the H.Bloom Gifts app, just head over to the App Store and download the app for free.

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