Apple’s Pile Of Cash Is Still Growing, Up 6% To $145 Billion

Apple now has $145 billion in cash on hand — a 5.8 percent increase over the past three months. The company last reported that they had $137.1 billion in cash back on December 30. To put this into perspective, with $140 million, you can produce the movie Spider-Man. Apple has enough money to produce a thousand blockbusters.

Apple could use its cash to acquire some companies. But with more than $145,000,000,000, you can acquire a lot of companies. For example, Facebook’s market capitalization is only $61.89 billion. If Apple would use all of its cash to acquire Facebook, it would still pay a nice premium.


With $9.5 billion in profit and little operating expenses, Apple’s cash will likely grow over the next three months.

Yet, Apple doesn’t seem to be ready to use its cash on hand (short-term investments). Now that Apple is handing out dividends, its cash is one of the remaining issues with investors. Shareholders wants Apple to actually use this cash for something — acquisitions, big investments dividends or other financial activities (such as a share buyback).

The company likes to tap into its deep pockets to secure deals with its production line in order to make sure its supply chain is efficient. But that still leaves a lot of cash. Apple is still sitting on over $145 billion without any plan in sight.