Tallygram, OkCupid’s Foray Into Friend Finding On Facebook, Hits The Deadpool

Tallygram, a Facebook-based friend-finding app created by dating site OkCupid, has shut down, saying that the community never grew large enough to sustain the site. Tallygram, which originally billed itself as “a better way to surf Facebook,” first opened for business in November 2012.

Now the site, in a note to existing users (below), is referring to itself as an “experiment.” Those existing users have an option to export their data from the service by May 15.

With sites like Facebook continuing to build out its own ways of mining its massive database of users and information, such as Graph Search, and many other ways to discover new people (three examples are Badoo, OkCupid and Tinder, which like OkCupid is also owned by IAC) it’s perhaps not too surprising that Tallygram found it hard to pick up traction.

The service, which came out of OkCupid Labs, had a similar concept behind it as OkCupid, founded by four mathematics grads from Harvard: “We use math to figure out who your friends or enemies are. See what they really think,” is how the described itself on its Twitter feed.

That process involved helping identify like-minded souls using algorithms combined with some parameters that users set themselves by answering questions about their feelings about things like cats, patent litigation, and their concept of themselves. It then matched this up with other users’ data and their Facebook profiles to find friends of friends — interesting-enough sounding tech, and relevant to how many interact and meet today, so it may end up somewhere else within the company.

Full statement from Tallygram below:

We’re sad to say that, after working on Tallygram for the past year, we’ve decided to put our experiment to rest. We hope you had as much fun using it as we did building it, but the community never grew large enough to sustain the site. We really appreciate you giving the site a shot.

If you want to keep an archive of the answers you’ve written on Tallygram, we’ve built an exporter so you can download all the questions you’ve answered. The site and archive tool will remain up until May 15, 2013.

While we’re never happy to shut down a product, OkCupid Labs soldiers on. We’re already hard at work on more fun experiments. You can explore the projects that are already live or sign up to be an OkCupid Labs Alpha Tester and be the first to know about new projects. We need your help to go from potential awesomeness to actual awesomeness.