Netflix Adds Landing Pages To Feature Original Series Hemlock Grove On Xbox, Web, iPad, PS3, & Wii

Netflix is quickly building a stable of its own original content, but those programs end up getting lumped in with all the movies and TV series that it’s licensed from other content providers. To combat this, Netflix is running landing pages on a wide range of devices to show off the new series that it’s investing in, with the next one being Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove.

Over the last year or so, Netflix has aggressively invested in original content, paying for shows that are available only if you’re a subscriber. These shows have run the gamut from the Kevin Spacey political thriller House of Cards to the long-awaited return of Arrested Development, with a few others in between.

Now Netflix is looking for ways to promote that original programming on all the platforms it is available on. On the Xbox, iPad, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii, the Netflix app will feature Hemlock Grove. From the Xbox team, for instance:

“This week, the Xbox community will notice an app update for Netflix rolling out across all regions where the service is currently offered. This update will include performance improvements and a newly designed ‘Netflix Originals’ landing page, offering viewers a look at the very latest in original programming from Netflix, including the highly anticipated ‘Hemlock Grove,’ slated to launch April 19. ‘Hemlock Grove’ comes from director Eli Roth (‘Hostel’) and is a chilling supernatural series based on Brian McGreevy’s novel.”

Netflix is basking in the success of House of Cards, which has quickly become the most-watched piece of content on the service. And, of course, as the company is quickly adding new shows to its content library.

Hemlock Grove is being launched on April 19, so the Netflix update will serve to highlight this new show that Netflix founders might not yet know about. That follows a similar strategy that it undertook with House of Cards, which had a similar page on those same devices. Next month, Arrested Development will become available, followed by the launch of Orange Is The New Black, a new series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan.